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Boy's Traveling Parent Volunteer Schedule

We have been careful to not give volunteers shifts during times that their teams are playing, to make sure everyone enjoys cheering for their team and enjoys our tournament.

Listed below you will find your team’s volunteer time and location.

4th Grade Bernard: Sunday, Feb. 7th 12:15-5:00 (AHS)          
4th Grade Johnson: Saturday, Feb. 6th 5:00-10:00 (FMMS)    
5th Grade Todd: Sunday, Feb. 7th 7:30-12:30   (FMMS)          
5th Grade Fogleson: Saturday, Feb. 6th 7:30-12:30 (FMMS)   
6th Grade DeYoung: Saturday, Feb. 6th 12:15-5:15 (FMMS)  
6th Grade Betzler: Saturday, Feb. 6th 5:00-10:00 (AHS)
7th Grade Sparstad: Sunday, Feb. 7th 7:30-12:30 (AHS)
7th Grade Britton: Saturday, Feb. 6th 7:30-12:30 (AHS)
8th Grade Thomas: Sunday, Feb. 7th 12:15-5:00 (FMMS)
8th Grade Kowalke: Sunday, Feb. 7th (5) 7:30-12:30, (5) 12:15-5:00 (AHS)
8th Grade Marszalek: Saturday, Feb. 6th 12:15-5:15 (AHS)

For the three teams volunteering on Sunday, from 12:15-5:00, the last games will be ending around 3:30. The plan is currently to be done with all clean up and out of the school by 4:00, if not even earlier. Allowing you to get to any Super Bowl plans you may want to attend.However, we did list 5:00 on the schedule in case we run a little behind.

Again thanks in advance to all of you for your partnership during our tournament weekend.

If you have any volunteering questions, please reach out Tanshea Madyun, Volunteer Coordinator.


Hopkins Tourney
7th grade took Consolation Champions / Tim Sparstad
St Francis Tourney
6th grade took 2nd / Eric Betzler (below)
7th grade took 3rd / Tim Sparstad (no picture)
Rockford Tourney 
7th grade took 3rd /Jake Brittons team (below)
Coon Rapids Tourney
1st place - 8th Grade Girls. Coon Rapids Dec. 12-13.
3rd place - 7th Grade Girls. Coon Rapids Dec. 12-13.

Girls Paul Bunyan Classic Tournament

For the Girls Paul Bunyan Classic tournament in Brainerd, we've set a block of rooms reserved at Cragun's. We have 50 rooms reserved at Cragun's for $139 a night.
Rosters have been spent to Cragun's and they will try to do their best to get all players and coaches rooms close to each other.
With our reservation Cragun's has also given us a hospitality room to use while we stay. This can be for team dinners or just to hang out in. This will be available for the whole Anoka Ramsey Girls Basketball association to use.
Please go to the Girls Traveling Page to get the reservation forms, maps, and Cragun's list of what to do while there.

Necklace (shown above) other items available - Bracelet, Keychain, Lanyard

A representative from Swanny's will be at the Jamboree on the 26th... With items to purchase and take additional orders.

Swanny's Fundraiser

  1. A portion of every sale gets donated back to the Anoka Ramsey Basketball Association
  2. Every order gets shipped individually within 2 business days. Delivery within 4 days if shipping inside MN.
  3. Order over $39.99 and receive FREE SHIPPING. OK to combine with other items.
  4. Show off your team pride and help raise some money in the process!

Click on Swanny's logo above to go our Fundraising Page. A  representative will be at both the try-out sessions, boys tournament, and girls tournament.

Anoka HS Boys Basketball

Use this link to access the Boys High School Basketball schedule.

Online Store

Store currently CLOSED and will reopen after the holiday season.

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