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Boys Traveling Program

Traveling Try-Out Details

Try-outs are held at the Anoka High School Fieldhouse/Gym. Players interested in playing traveling, need to register for the traveling basketball program. If a child doesn’t make a traveling team, the player is given the option to not play and get a full refund or they can play house and the cost difference will be refunded.

Below are the dates and times for each age group.

Sept. 20th Boys
5th Grade: Check-In & Warm-Up 7:45, Skills & Scrimmage 8:00-9:30
4th Grade: Check-In & Warm-Up 9:45, Skills & Scrimmage 10:00-11:30
6th Grade: Check-In & Warm-Up 11:45, Skills & Scrimmage 12:00-1:30

Sept. 20th Girls
4th Grade: Check-In & Warm-Up 7:45, Skills & Scrimmage 8:00-9:00
5th Grade: Check-In & Warm-Up 8:45, Skills & Scrimmage 9:00-10:00
6th Grade: Check-In & Warm-Up 9:45, Skills & Scrimmage 10:00-11:00
7th Grade: Check-In & Warm-Up 10:45, Scrimmage 11:00-12:00
8th Grade: Check-In & Warm-Up 11:45, Scrimmage 12:00-1:00

Sept. 27th Boys
7th Grade: Check-In & Warm-Up 8:15, Skills & Scrimmage 8:30-10:00
8th Grade: Check-In & Warm-Up 10:15, Skills & Scrimmage 10:30-12:00

At Try-Outs

Volunteer Deposit Check: While checking in, parents will be turning in a $200 Volunteer Deposit Check. One parent for each child playing Traveling Basketball; must complete four, volunteer hours during the Anoka/Ramsey Tournament. Girl’s Parents will volunteer during the Girls Tournament and the Boy’s Parents will volunteer during the Boys Tournament. The checks will then be returned to each parent at the tournament they support. Our intention is not to cash these checks; we do NOT want this money. We need your time to help during these tournaments, this is our made course of revenue to help keep costs down.

Traveling Uniforms: For new Traveling players or players that have outgrown their uniform, uniforms need to be purchased separately from the registration cost. Uniform fitting for your player will be held at try-outs on Sunday, Sept. 20th and Sept. 27th and on Oct. 1st at Central Park on from 6:00-8:00pm. Players can try on sizes for their uniform, they can also order warm ups and/or a bag. Whatever is ordered will need to be purchased before the uniforms are ordered. The players keep their uniforms and are reused until they no longer fit.

Lane Johnson, Girl’s Traveling Director @ 612.701.4447 or

Jerry Turner, Boy’s Traveling Director @ 612.940.4121 or

Chad Spande, Basketball Commissioner @ 763.300.2401 or

Tryout & Evaluation Process

Try-Outs will consist of drills and scrimmage style evaluations. The evaluations will be completed, along with the teams put together by the Anoka High School Basketball Coaching Staff. If a player is cut, and doesn't make the traveling basketball team. The parents have two choices. The player can choose to play In-House Basketball and receive a refund for the cost difference, or not play basketball at all, and get a full refund. 

Traveling Players must purchase their uniform at an additional cost from the registration fee. There will be a uniform fitting/ordering at Try-Outs on September 20th and 27th.

Please click on the document below for a sample of the Try-Out and Evaluation Process for Traveling Basketball.

Boys Traveling Basketball

Program runs from October through March.

Practices are typically 3x per week, and will be Monday-Thursday. Games consist of tournament play on weekends, which may include a Friday night, Saturday, & Sunday. Including the State Tournament, will play in approximately 10 tournaments through out the season.

Teams are formed at grade level for grades 4 - 8.

Program ends with MYAS Grade State Tournament in March.

2015-2016 Tournament Location/Dates

Tournament Bracket links will be posted as they become available. Click on the link below for each tournament.


2015-2016 Boys Traveling Tournament Schedule

Click on the Tournament Schedule tab to the left to see the full tournament schedule for the 2015-2016 basketball season.  



Boy's Traveling Basketball Director

Jerry Turner

Boys Traveling Basketball Director