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Boys Traveling Program

Tournament Bracket Links

Tournament Bracket links will be posted as they become available. Click on the link below for each tournament.

Boy's State Championship Tournament Brackets: March 14-15

4th Grade Fogelson: 3A, 5th Grade DeYoung: 5A, 5th Grade Betzler: C, 6th Grade Spande: 8A, 6th Grade Beckman: 3A, 6th Grade Britton: B, 7th Grade Todd: 5A, 7th Grade Kowalke: B, 7th Grade Marszalek: C, 8th Grade Sparstad: 9A, 8th Grade Jones: 3A, 8th Grade Luginbill: A

2014-2015 Boys Traveling Tournament Schedule

Click on the Tournament Schedule tab to the left to see the full tournament schedule for the 2014-2015 basketball season.  

Boys Traveling tryout results

Below are the boys traveling tryout results. ARAA reserves right to adjust and change teams prior to or during the season based on attendance, performance and other mitigating factors. Coaches will be announced shortly.If your name is not on this list you will be refunded the difference between traveling and house or you can get a refund.

4th grade boys (Reeder, Larson, Chell, Franzwa, Olson, Claybrooks, Johnson, Saunders, Terhaar)

5th grade boys

Team 1 (Lukandwa, Marcoux, Kennedy, Nyamari, Smith, Siegel, Strabala, Schroeder)

Team 2 (Heifort, Lakanen, Betzler, Moen, Bloch, Aschenbach, Goddard, Johnson)

6th grade boys

Team 1 (Grabinske, Fuller, Stone, Quade, Spande, Siebert, Ftacek)

Team 2 (Kennedy, Dorst, Wall, Kenney, Lancette, Zahler, Carlson, Rassat)

Team 3 (Kumenda, Weikel, Tongue, Cowden, Dahlager, Saude, Kowalke, Vaughn)

7th grade boys

Team 1 (Kassein, Lindenberg, Mitchell, Thomas, Barker, Mirabel, Roberts, Ayeni)

Team 2 (Kowalke, Walter, Zimmer, Mugglin, Metzger, Tillman, Danner, Sheppard)

Team 3 (Kreyer, Klubben, Weber, Spah, Natysin, Redpenning, Marszalek, Tuomela)

(Teams 2 and 3 were split evenly, vs being made into a B and C team)

8th grade

Team 1 (Madyun A, Chell, Halter, Nerlein, Madyun M, Bengtson, Adofo, Omar, Hetrick)

Team 2 (Keeley, Breitham, Marcoux, Lombard, Hans, Hilborn, Bongartz, Buffie, Jones)

Team 3 (Passe, Pieterson, McNamara, Mannella, Currier, Lundquist, Ploof, Brower, Lambres, Ashenbach)

Boys Traveling Basketball

Program runs from October through March.

Practices are typically 2x per week with tournament play on weekends, which may include a Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.

Teams are formed at grade level for grades 4 - 8.

Program ends with MYAS Grade State Tournament in March.

Tryout & Evaluation Process

Please click on the link below for the Tryout and Evaluation Process for Traveling Basketball.

Boy's Traveling Basketball Director

Chad Spande

Boys Traveling Basketball Director