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Boys Traveling Program

Boys Try-Out Info

Try-Out Process: Players will need to be registered for Traveling Try-Out, this is separate from registering to play basketball. Registration for basketball will open early September. Try-Outs will be closed door. Parents will check in players, players will enter the North Gym, in which case doors will be closed. Parents can wait in the hall way or come back and pick up at the end of their try-outs.

Player Registration: Teams will be communicated first week of September. Players selected to play on a Traveling Team, must register by the end of September. Registration fees can either be paid in full at time of registration, or payment options can be selected. Payments will be made in September at time of registration, a payment October 1st, and final payment November 1st. 

Volunteer Deposit: As a part of the registration process there is a separate check for $200 (deposit). One parent is required to volunteer (One 4-5 hour shift per child in the program) which is done during the Anoka/Ramsey Tournament(s). Girls parents for the girl’s tournament and Boys parents for the boy’s tournament. Once the tournament is complete then the checks are returned for those that fulfilled their requirement. Our intention is not cashing these checks; we do NOT want this money. We need your time to help during these tournaments to make them a success. The tournaments are our main source of revenue to help keep costs down.

Traveling Uniforms: For new Traveling players or previous Traveling players that their uniform doesn't fit, uniforms need to be purchased separately from the registration cost. Uniform fitting for your player will be held at all of the try-out dates. Players can try on sizes for their uniform, they can also get sized for warm ups and a bag is optional.
Ordering and paying for Traveling Uniforms this year will be done on-line. As usual, players keep their uniforms and be reused until they no longer fit or the current style is know longer available, or player is not playing or doesn't make a Traveling Team. Uniforms will be ordered through Smash. Communication will go out when players should order.

Team Basket: Each team is required to work together and create a team basket for the annual Hoopla. The team parent coordinates with the other parents to collect the donation (request is at least $5 per player).

Traveling Basketball Volunteer Team Schedule

Below is each of the teams schedule to volunteer during our Boy's Tournament Feb. The parent working the volunteer shift does get in free to the games that day.

A responsibility sheet has been sent to the coaches to sign up for a specific responsibility for your shift.
We tried to do our best to schedule teams, when their child wasn't playing. However, there are many different scenarios, we tried to work around all of them. This may mean that you may be scheduled right before or after your child plays.

Middle School Location:

High School Location:

Lord of Life Location:

Boys Traveling High School Introduction & Scrimmages

To continue our partnership with the High School Coaches and Players, we are excited to have a few teams attend a High School Varsity Game. Players get into the game free, they will be team introduced before the Varsity game, and will participate in a scrimmage during half time.
Below is the date for each age group.

Boys Youth Night:

During the season the high school will host YOUTH NIGHT. The players come in their uniforms and are introduced during the game. 

The date is being finalized.

Marcus Simonson

Boys Traveling Director