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Junior Bassers

Registration for 2024 Bassers is now closed!

2024 Virtual Information Meeting

If you are interested in joining the Anoka Ramsey Junior Bassers Competitive Bass Fishing Team for the 2024 season, please join us for an informational virtual meeting where we will go over details of the program and answer any questions you may have. Open to anglers entering grades 3-12 Fall of 2024. 

Student anglers should have a partner and an adult boat captain with a boat.

Date: Thursday, February 15th
Junior team (entering grades 3-8 Fall of 2024): 6:30 pm
High School Team (entering grades 9-12 Fall of 2024): 7:30 pm

If you were unable to attend, please contact Tony, Fishing Director, for access to the slide deck and any additional questions.

Anoka Ramsey Outdoors has a competitive fishing team at the Jr and High School age levels. We are proud to be able to offer this program to Anoka/Ramsey youth, as this program is very popular at both the local and state levels. 

The youth competitive fishing landscape is blowing up and because of the rapid increase in interest and participation, the only constant to the activity from year to year is change itself.  Every new season brings new rules, qualifying procedures, and more, added to accommodate for the growing activity.  Conservation as well as consideration of the public are two giant factors leading to fairly consistent changes in operating procedure. 

Signing up and paying to join our team does not guarantee participation in state-wide events.  Each individual event will still need to be registered for. Coach will help communicate registration procedures and deadlines throughout the season, but signing up for events will need to be done by a member (or family member) of the boat team.

Age Groups:
Junior age (ENTERING 3rd through 8th fall of 2024)
High school (ENTERING 9-12 fall of 2024)

Each boat is considered an individual team.  While we’re all part of the Anoka Ramsey Jr Bassers, we’ll also be competing against each other from boat to boat.  Both age groups are required to compete in a boat as a team with one additional angler and an adult volunteer boat captain.  Teammates must be within the same age grouping and participation is not allowed without a partner. 

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate every child interested in participating; it is the responsibility of our participants to figure out and choose their teammate for the season.  While subs are sometimes allowed, teammates can’t be shuffled from event to event due to complications with scoring and event qualifications.

Volunteer Boat Captains:
It is the responsibility of our teams to provide their own boat and their own volunteer captain.  Volunteers are often moms and dads, but can also be grandparents, uncles, friends, neighbors, and other family or community members.  All of our volunteer captains must agree to take, submit, and pass a background check.

Boat Requirements:
Depending on the event, boat requirements may differ.  The all ages virtual events, the Jr level BATS series, and the high school SATT events can be done from virtually any floating vessel…These events are all run in a catch, record, release format in which a livewell is not required.  The BASS events however will host live 5 fish weigh-ins, so they require and will check for working livewells during take off.  BASS also requires and will check for a functioning kill switch, and they also limit horsepower to 250 hp and below (at nationals only, locally we can use larger).  All boats must be privately insured with liability coverage at a minimum of $300,000.  Boat captains must provide proof of this coverage.

Time Requirements:
The season typically runs from the middle of May to the end of September. The season is a series of tournaments that are chosen by the team. These tournaments could be any day of the week depending on what is chosen.  Teams may also qualify for state and national tournaments. 

Our Anoka Ramsey Junior Bassers recreational team tournaments will be on Mondays beginning at 7am.  There will be 3 of these tournaments during the season.

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