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House Basketball

House basketball is available for students in grades 2-12.  

Girls House runs October to December.  (Registration to Open September 1st). 

Boys and Senior House (grades 9-12) runs December to March .  (Registration to Open October 22). 

House basketball is played in the north metro and will consist of 2, one hour practices per week and 1-2 games per week.  Games are played at CRMS, AMSA, and RMS (Northpoint Elementary and/or other elementary schools in Blaine and/or Spring Lake Park will be used for 2nd and 3rd grade).

Every family is required to volunteer for 4 hours per player max 8 per family. If hours are not met, there is a financial cost that will be agreed to at registration.

Anoka Ramsey House Basketball is part of the Twin City Youth Basketball Association (TCYB). 

TCYB League Code of Conduct

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to build a multi-community recreational basketball league who primary purpose is to foster a fun environment for kids to develop their skills while increasing the participation levels for youth basketball. This translates into the following guiding principles:

  • We will provide a fun environment for our youth to play basketball with their peers.
  • We will create a positive, safe environment for basketball skill and character development.
  • We will foster good sportsmanship and a love of the sport
  • We will strive for competitive balance and fun, no stacked “all-star” teams.
  • We will place an emphasis on skill development at the second and third grade level.
  • We will foster a parent community that strives to model good sportsmanship and a positive learning environment for the players on their teams.

Agreed Upon Policies

To be part of the league your program must agree to abide by the following policies:

  1. We are actively working to build a growing rec/in-house basketball program for our community.
  2. We will have at least one representative from our board take on an active role in the board of directors for the league. We acknowledge that their role is vital to the success of the league and not fulfilling their role properly could lead to our program not being part of the league the following year/
  3. We agree that the focus of rec or in-house basketball is on player development, not championships and we agree to not use the rec program to build superstar travel teams.
  4. We agree that all board members are volunteers and while we have high expectations for all board members, we will respect them as volunteers doing their best.
  5. We agree to abide by the decision of the competition committee on all decisions made regarding players, coaches, or parents from our program. We will enforce the decisions of the league whether we agree with those decision or not.
  6. We will uphold the following policies when building teams to foster a competitive playing environment:
    1. If grades are combined, teams will be built with even or as close to even number of players from each of the combined grades.
    2. All teammate requests require a ‘matched request’ on the registration forms. For example, if player A wants to be a teammate of player B, player A must request player B AND player B must request player A on their respective registration forms.
    3. All players on team must be registered to play for your league.
  7. We agree that all coaches will have an active background check completed by a reputable provider.
  8. We agree that our players, parents, and coaches will treat referee with respect. We will abide by the ruling of the league for any inappropriate conduct related to our referees.
  9. We agree to participate in any volunteer programs (for parents of players) to help facilitate games, concessions, or other necessary activities at the sites throughout the league.

Board of Directors:

All programs in the Twin Cities Youth Basketball program are required to have ONE (1) active board member representing their program. This board member will have an assigned/nominated role [list below] that they are expected to perform to their best ability throughout the year. Each board will only have ONE voting member even if they have multiple people involved in managing elements of the league.

  • President – Coordinate all meetings, ensure that all league activities are completed, establishes and maintains working relationships with all club presidents.
    • Trevor Rasmussen
  • Vice President – Conducts meetings in absence of president, monitors other programs for ways to improve league, coordinates and approves all club communication.
    • Might have to be a dual role?
  • Rules/Competition Coordinator – Develops and updates all league rules and presents to board for approval, chairs the competition committee, and handles all complaints about players, coaches, and parents.
    • Allison Foxx
  • Referee Coordinator – Builds the referee program for the league, manages relationship with provider, supplies needed information to MYAS for scheduling purposes, and handles all complaints about referees.
  • Facilities Coordinator – Primary liaison between the league and MYAS, manages relationship with all facilities contacts, shares availability and scheduling policies with MYAS.
    • Chris Hop (with assistance from Andrew and Marilyn)
  • Finances – Determine financial structure of organization. Coordinate billing with MYAS and all payees. Work with fundraising coordinator to build income stream for league.
  • Fundraising Coordinator – Builds foundation for sponsorships for league, identifies opportunities to generate revenue for league (concessions, sponsorships, etc.), creates programs to grow and develop players throughout the league.
    • Could be a non-board role?

Key message about DIBS

Every family that plays basketball is required to volunteer for 4 hours per player max 8 per family. If your hours are not met there is a financial cost that was agreed to at registration. Below is a link to basketball DIBS hours.