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2023 ARAA Summer Camp

Get better this summer!

This camp will run for 6 weeks, 3 days per week.  Come to as many sessions as you can!

Grades 3-4: 5:30-6:45

Grades 5-6: 7:00-8:15

Grades 7-8: 8:30-10:00


June 13-15

June 20-22

June 27-29

July 18-20

July 25-27

August 1-3


Q: What if I cannot make it for one week?

A: No problem. You just don't show up

Q: What if I am not an ARAA athlete but want to come?

A:  We want the best players in the area. Please join us. 

Q: I have baseball/softball on Wednesday nights. Can I still do the camp?

A: Yes. You would just come on Tuesday and Thursday.




Welcome to ARAA Basketball.   We offer programs for students in grades K-12.  Our House and Traveling programs give a variety of experiences to meet your child's needs.  Every family who participates in our programs 2-12 has a volunteer and fundraising requirement. Both can be bought out during registration.   All general questions can be directed to  

Boys Tournament Sponsors

Helpful Links

House Basketball

House basketball is available for students in grades 2-12.  

Girls House runs October to December.  (Registration to Open September 1st). 

Boys and Senior House (grades 9-12) runs December 12 to March .  (Registration closes Dec. 5). 

House basketball is played in the north metro and will consist of 2 practices per week and 1-2 games per week.  Games are played at CRMS, AMSA, and RMS (Northpoint Elementary and/or other elementary schools in Blaine and/or Spring Lake Park will be used for 2nd and 3rd grade).

Registration Fees:  Boys and Girls House fees are $200 for grades 2-12. These prices include practice space and time, coaches, uniforms, game space and time and team equipment. 

Scholarships may be available: Welcome | Registration Scholarship Grant-in-Aid | Anoka Ramsey Athletic Association (

Anoka Ramsey House Basketball is part of the Twin City Youth Basketball Association (TCYB). 

Traveling Basketball

Traveling Basketball is available for boys and girls in grades 3-8.  Teams are set based on a tryout format. Traveling basketball is a more competitive program and requires a much greater commitment from both the players and the parents.

Program runs from October through March.

Practices:  Are typically 1.5 hours twice per week (Monday-Thursday). 

Games: Tournaments are held at other local associations in the metro area, usually about 30-40 min away.   Some teams may choose to also do an overnight tourney.  There are other financial considerations such as admission fees for the state tournament, uniform purchase if required (built in with registration costs for 2022-2023 season), travel to and from tournaments, meals and concessions to take into account. Teams will play in approximately 10 tournaments throughout the season.

Entrance Fees: Tournament admission fees this season will be included in registration costs.  Spectators should not be required to pay admission fees to enter tournaments.

Registration Fees:  Boys and Girls Traveling fees are $650 for grades 4-8.  $350 for 3rd Grade who will attend half as many tournaments. These prices include practice space and time, coaches, uniforms, tournament entries, and team equipment. 

Scholarships may be available: Welcome | Registration Scholarship Grant-in-Aid | Anoka Ramsey Athletic Association (

Volunteer Requirements: Volunteer hours are mandatory if buyout option is not selected.  4 hours of DIBs is required per player (max of 8 hours per family).  If you agree to volunteer you pay a $1 deposit.  If you fail to meet your requirement at the end of the season you will be billed $200 penalty on April 15th.  There is also a reduced buyout option of $150. 

The Traveling program ends with MYAS Grade State Tournament in March.

Select the Boys or Girls Traveling for specific details to their information.


ARAA Baksetball Sponsors

Thank you to all of our sponsors who support our athletes!  To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, visit our sponsorship page.